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The Meadows Montessori School Vision

To provide a school community in which every child can thrive and be prepared for life.  For all children to have a life-long love of learning, be truly independent, intrinsically motivated, secure, responsible and confident.

Welcome to
The Meadows Montessori Independent School
(for children from 4 to 16 years of age)


Our curriculum follows the ethos and teaching methods of Maria Montessori.

We aim to provide each child with an individual learning experience, enabling them to learn at their own pace within an environment that has been designed to nurture and encourage their independence and self-confidence.

Bikeability March 2024

So proud of the group of 7 Fireflies who have completed their bikeability this week.  This is what the trainers have written about them....

It was a real pleasure to work with the Meadows children this week. The children were very well behaved and worked well as a team and with us. Individually they all concentrated and worked hard on each task we set them, working towards the national standard for cycling. It was a pleasure to watch them grow in confidence and ability as young cyclist. When a mistake was made they picked themselves up quickly and thoughtfully in a positive frame of mind. We hope they go away from the course with a smile and a passion for cycling. We look forward to return to the Meadows in the future. Thanks Bethany for the lovely cupcakes, we will definitely come back for more.

Chris and Trudie

Why choose our school?


At a time when our UK education system appears to be concerned only about academic results - we pride ourselves on our attention to your child's well-being and happiness.  Using the Montessori ethos, we follow each child. We plan for their core subjects individually, and they move along the curriculum at their pace. Right from the beginning in Dragonflies we encourage our children to be independent, not only with life skills, but also with their own learning and journey through the curriculum, so that by the time they leave high school, they are ready to take the next step in their future.


Your child is not just a 'pupil' but an important and valued member of our school's community.  We are proud of the children's academic achievements, but know that these only happen when we look after the 'whole child's' needs.

When your child joins our school, the whole family becomes part of our community.

My name is Sam Sims and I am the Proprietor and Head of School. I have been working in education for over 30 years and after successfully running Willow Park Montessori Day Nursery since 2002, I opened The Meadows in 2008.  I am passionate about Montessori Education and would love to share my school with you. You are welcome to contact Kristie - Head Teacher of Primary or Jo - Business Administrator,  so we can discuss further the requirements for your child.


We are David Green and Matt Sims, the Head Teachers of the High School at The Meadows that opened in September 2020.  We are experienced English and Mathematics teachers who with our team have a desire to offer a more child-centred, Montessori education for high-school aged students.

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