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Curriculum Subjects in Primary

Maths is taught through using Montessori materials and working at your child's pace. Our focus is on solid foundations of key topics to enable broader maths to be explored. 

Literacy is taught through many different topics with core learning accessed through Montessori materials. Working at your child's pace they are encouraged to see themselves as readers and writers, who love to learn.

Our cultural curriculum covers many different topics, discovered and explored through The Great Lessons. All based on History, Geography and Science, our afternoons give the chance for children to investigate and using their enquiring minds to explore many different themes.

Music and Art form part of our weekly curriculum. Often these subjects are enjoyed on a Friday giving us extended time to enjoy being creative.  Our annual Musical is a time of great joy where every child can participate at a level they feel happy - back stage or centre stage!

Diversity & Inclusion

At The Meadows we deliver a curriculum to all our children which integrates diversity constantly. It is woven through all our Great Lesson teaching, which allows our children to discover more and be inspired by people from all different cultures, backgrounds and ethnicity.  We do not often feel the need to have 'special' days, as we are confident that our curriculum is a broad, rich curriculum, that celebrates everyone.

Our Ofsted inspection in 2016 commented on this:  

The rich and unique curriculum enables pupils to develop as mature learners. Pupils have a secure understanding of their community and of the wider world in which they live. They apply their knowledge of what it means to be a good citizen in modern Britain very well. 


Pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is promoted very effectively. The strong personal, social, health and economic education programme enables pupils to consider the society within which they live and develop a secure understanding of the different cultures in modern Britain. 

The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding. 

The school is highly effective in promoting personal development and welfare. The school’s rule to 'treat everyone with respect' is maintained by all who come to The Meadows. Pupils spoke to the inspector about tolerance and acceptance of everyone, including people from different backgrounds and faiths, and those who have disabilities. Pupils develop as very mature young people, their understanding of discrimination and fairness is exemplary. 

Ofsted report 2016

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