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Curriculum Studies in High School

The Meadows Montessori High School opened in September 2020.

Our high school curriculum is designed to be faithful to Montessori’s ideas about learning during the teenage years while also preparing our students for their GCSE examinations. As such English, Maths, Science and Languages are taught as discrete lessons, while other subjects are taught thematically using Montessori’s Great Lesson structure. In addition, students have dedicated time each half term to be creative, develop what Montessori described as the ‘interior personality’, and engage with nature through our Erdkinder projects.

Our students have much more freedom at GCSE than in other high schools, and as much as is possible within our infrastructure, we aim to offer qualifications based on each student’s interests and ability.

As in all ideal Montessori classrooms, we provide our students with the time and space to learn at the rate and in the order that is appropriate to them, in an environment that is organised specifically to suit that purpose. 

For a more detailed overview of our curriculum, please see our high school teaching and learning policy. 

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