We are looking forward to another day outside on Friday – our survival techniques are getting pretty good now!

The staff are back on Monday to prepare the school for another amazing term. We are looking forward to welcoming the children back on Tuesday.

Fireflies are having a great time at Bushcraft.


The first full week back awaits us and so far after 3 days back everyone seems to be settling in extremely well. Fireflies are looking forward to Bushcraft this week. Let’s hope the weather cheers up, although I am sure a bit of rain wont dampen The Meadows’ children’s spirits.

The teachers are back on Monday to prepare for a new school year and we are so excited. We look forward to welcoming the children back on Wednesday.

All going well …so far so good…with this year’s musical, Wind in the Willows. Props and scenery nearly there and the first full run through tomorrow. Sooooo exciting. Hope you have your tickets everyone!

We had an extremely successful art day last week. The children enjoyed painting, sketching, textiles, the Artists’ Cafe and the ever popular junk modelling. Have you seen the wonderful fence in the playground that the children painted!fence small

cafeStoneTable cloth fence

Have you taken a look at our smashing new hoodies for Fridays at school. The colours and designs are amazing. We think you will love them. The staff have already ordered theirs and can’t wait for the delivery from our multi-talented clever designer Laura (aka The Meadows’ Grasshoppers’ Teacher). See the link on the homepage to order yours.

The teachers have been back at school today to prepare all the exciting lessons and events we have planned for this term. We also welcome back Miss Kristie Baker now known as Mrs Kristie Manser…Congratulations.

So much fun had by all and so much poetry created by the children. It was an inspirational day for the children and adults alike.