Fridays at The Meadows!

Fridays is a time we spend together as a whole school and encourages working together across the whole age range.

Over the year on Fridays we cover a number of person, social and cultural elements together with some areas of the curriculum and outdoor activities. 

Fridays 02

Examples of some of the areas we have covered on Fridays:

Our school

A study of our school, Maria Montessori and the Montessori curriculum, Montessori schools across the world.


What it means to be safe in the home and outside of the home.

Religions across the world

We looked at religions across the world through research, craft, celebrations and cooking.

Great British outdoors

We spent the half term outside in whatever weathers, we had campfires, did forest schools, made planters out of pallets and outside log games along with many more activities enjoying the outdoors!

Time travel

We were given a time machine from a time traveller and we experienced dressing up and visiting England through the ages, starting with the Anglo-Saxons and ending with Britain in World War 2.  We completed tasks that children would have completed. Sometimes it was hard work but we did it!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We looked at how we can reduce our impact on the environment, looking at energy and recycling. We also looked at upcycling making new clothes, clocks and lego figure crayons!

Community Lunch

At the end of the term the children take turns to cook a lunch for the rest of the school, it is also their job to decorate the hall, lay the table and clean up afterwards. This is a special time where we all eat together the food we have made.